The Art Of Media Manipulation

3 years ago

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The Art Of Media Manipulation: Here we use an American, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, as a case study to examine just a handful of commonly used media manipulation techniques. She was recently targeted by subversive corporate, monopoly-media propaganda strategies, which have quietly replaced organic journalism over the last 25 years.

Once you become aware of the strategic art of media manipulation techniques, you can begin to see that they are repeated across all networks without restraint. If you dive in deeper, you will discover that those who control the content of our TV news, newspapers, radio, movies, entertainment and even educational materials have become dangerously small worldwide. In 2019, only 5 corporate CEOs controlled over 90% of all content we consume internationally. It is now coming to light that lesser known entities such as BlackRock, are gobbling up even more ownership than most citizens believed legal! BlackRock now controls, Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet Inc, and they are even buying up the lion's share of suburban homes across N. America. They've become so powerful, that Bloomberg News declared them to be the ‘Fourth Branch of Government’ on May 21, 2020.

⁣Script & Art Direction By: Airika Dollner
Editing by: Alexandra Smirnova

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