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Under the Wire speaks with Dr Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC)

Dr Ted Kuntz is a fellow activist, working on the front lines of the Canadian pro-health vaccine-choice movement. As the head of Vaccine Choice Canada, he has been instrumental in bringing legal actions against various provincial governments and the Federal Government in Ottawa as well to preserve and protect the rights of Canadian citizens who are every bit as under threat as we here in Australia are.
Ted will be speaking with Meryl Dorey about these actions and how there is a worldwide coordinated attempt to take away our basic inalienable rights - an attempt which must be resisted at every level of society before it's too late.
For those who would like some background, here is Ted's earlier Under the Wire interview - https://avn.org.au/.../under-the-wire-episode-22.../

Vaccine Choice Canada - https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/
The Victoria Declaration - https://www.librti.com/victoria-declaration
Stand for Health Freedom Canada - https://standforhealthfreedom.com/shf-canada/

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