Whale Shark Throws The Ultimate Surprise When It Crashes Into Diver

Published September 2, 2014 515,045 Views

A diver who was casually watching tuna fish swim in their natural habitat got the fright of his life recently when he came face to face with an enormous whale shark. The image of a giant open-mouthed shark coming towards you in the open water may seem like a scene out of a horror movie, but for Chris Coates it was a horror reality.

The diver experienced this heart-stopping moment in the Atlantic Ocean when the enormous whale shark crashed into him at full force. Chris was exploring the deep waters of the Atlantic with a friend, filming for a spearfishing adventure movie, when the frightening incident occurred.

During the first few frames of the clip show a lonesome tuna fish swimming between the two men and both are too busy to look around them in the vast blue space. But somewhere around the 12th second into the clip, his friend lifts his head and starts frantically pointing his finger into the space behind Chris, screaming in his scuba equipment.

Just as he turns with the camera, a whale shark huge and wide opened mouth comes into the shot, shoving Chris out of the way with a very loud thud. It was too late for them to move away, but the ending isn’t all that dark.

Luckily for both of them, whale sharks are only known to eat small fish and plankton and there have been no recorded incidents where they have purposely injured or killed a human. Neither of them sustained any injuries; in fact, you can hear them laughing at the ‘near miss’ towards the end of the clip.

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