Best Sex Toys for Women - Adam and Eve Magic Wand Massager Review

ChandraChenillePublished: August 23, 201410 views
Published: August 23, 2014

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Adam & Eve Magic MassagerHi guys, I’m Chandra Chenille and today I’m going to talk to you about one of the best sex toys for women and one of my favorites as well, the Adam and Eve Magic Wand Massager.

It’s every bit of magic it says it is. It is a vibrator; in fact, it is the most intense vibrator—that’s why it’s one of the best sex toys for women. The magic massager’s head is cushioned and it’s really soft. It feels nice and comfortable, soft and squishy plus the head is flexible. This magic wand massager could get to lots of those corners and tight areas. This best sex toy for women, of course, has a very long handle, which also helps you reach all the spots you want to get to. You can create a sensual massage or even just a relaxing massage.

Now the great thing about this toy here is that, it doesn’t require any batteries—that’s why is called the best wand massager. You just have to plug it in to an outlet. It has a 5 1/2 ft. long cord, so, it’s long enough so that you don’t have to be sitting right next to an outlet. Of course, there’s long handle too, so it has another foot or few inches. So, you do have like 6 ft. of length here that you can use. You really don’t have to be right next to an outlet.

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The Adam & Eve Magic Massager has two amazingly powerful vibration settings. Even on the first setting, it already has an amazing vibration. This is the kind of vibration that delivers a very deep throbbing vibration. And it creates also a very explosive O. I guess you could say that! It’s explosive because of the very deep vibrating sensation.

On the other hand, the high level delivers the most powerful vibrations. It is going make you cry out to your skin but it a fantastic way. I also like to use this toy not only for my sensual needs and for my partner’s sensual needs. My husband loves this toy by the way. I love to blow myself if I’m having a tough day and after a long day’s work.

Watch this video until the very end to discover more about the many benefits a woman could get out of the Adam & Eve Magic Massager.

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