Adorable Baby Otter Warmed Our Hearts

Published April 12, 2014 151,260 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPuppies and kitten can be so adorable, but did you know that baby otters can be adorable as well? Meet Delta, a North American River Otter found abandoned near the Tensaw River Delta in Alabama. A woman had found the otter squealing under her house in a nest and called the Wildlife Fish Game Office after the mother failed to return. The happy little otter eventually found a new home at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and is now being cared for by her new family.

This little otter is so cute! It is a shame that she got abandoned by her mother and was left all alone. The otter is so cute as it loves to be pet and played with by this lady! Talk about cuteness overload! Good thing that this good Samaritan managed to find this little otter or else the animal could have perished. It just goes to show you that heroes exist everywhere in this world. You do not have to do much to be a hero, even a small gesture or act of kindness makes you a hero in our books!

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