World Record Car Jump Ends In Unfortunate Mishap

Published March 26, 2014 160,631 Views

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsDaring stunts make great entertainment for the audience watching but when they take a dark turn, they can really be scary. In this gut turning video, watch as rally driver Guerlain Chicherit crashes his custom Mini in Tignes, France, while attempting to break the world record for longest car ramp jump (110 meters). Luckily he walked away from the crash, but was taken to a hospital for evaluation. This video shows just how dangerous these stunts can really be. This is one video that you should not miss!

Stunts like these really are dangerous and this is perfect proof. Sure, he walked away after the accident, but it could have been a whole lot worse if he was not properly prepared. It could have been worse even if he was prepared! These stunts should not be tried at home. Aside from the fact that he crashed and all, he really did almost make it and break the world record! That itself is pretty cool! It seems that he actually over shot the ramp a little bit and started to spin out of control! None the less, he really is an interesting daredevil!

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a fine venture, ended up in complete failure. Moments after the rally driver takes a leap of faith and attempts to break the world record for the longest car ramp jump, the vehicle stumbles and fails to land on its wheels, resulting in serious crash! The vehicle is seen rolling over and over again on the road, while onlookers rush to see if the driver is fine! Let's hope that he survived and suffered only minor injuries! Stunts like this are more likely to end in complete failure, so it is not surprising at all!

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