Tree Kangaroo Joeys Will Melt Your Heart

AdamCoxPublished: March 10, 2014181,231 viewsVirality: 16%
Published: March 10, 2014

Have you ever seen a Tree Kangaroo Joey? Margit Cianelli is a wildlife carer who currently has 2 tree kangaroo joeys in care, Anneli and Kimberley. Both joeys are from the wild, having lost contact with their mothers due to natural circumstances (possibly a rejection). <br />
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During their time in care with Margit, at her successful rainforest homestay called the 'Lumholtz Lodge', they will spend many months learning how to climb (inside and outside). They will also be taught which foods are safe to eat (even some spaghetti as a snack) and how to handle disputes with other tree kangaroos. At this age the joeys love to explore the furniture and wrestle with teddy bears. Preparing tree kangaroo joeys for the wild is a very long process, however Margit is committed to giving these 2 joeys the best chance possible of survival. Music: 'Happy' by JoshKramerMusic. Audio: Rachael Wasiak. Created by Adam Cox.

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