This Guy Eats A Banana During A Base Jump

Published February 28, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsBase jumping, also known as speed riding, is the air sport of flying a small, fast fabric wing, usually in close proximity to a steep slope. Speed flying and speed riding are very similar sports. Speed flying is when the speed wing is foot-launched, while speed riding, or ski gliding, is a winter sport done on skis. Sustained flight with a speed glider is possible over a ridge in strong winds.

This is a hybrid sport that has combined elements of paragliding, parachuting, and even skiing to create a new sport. Like paragliding, speed flying is done by launching from a slope with the wing overhead, already inflated by the incoming air. The main difference between speed flying and paragliding, is that speed flying is meant to create a fast, thrilling ride close to the slope, while the point of paragliding is usually to maintain a longer, gentler flight.

In addition to the scary, dangerous and even extreme venture that BASE jumping is, this guy takes it to a whole new level when he decides to spice it up and prove to everyone that it is not a big deal if he eats a banana mid-air. This might sound insane and it actually proves to be much more insane that it was described. The fast landing technique for speed wings is similar to that used in parachuting.

However, parachuting or skydiving is done from a plane or fixed object (BASE jumping), and the wing is designed for free fall. Newer designs of hybrid-wings (also called mini-wings) are now being produced to allow 'hike and fly' high speed from mountainous areas. They can be soared in strong laminar winds similar to para-gliders, and may also be trimmed for a more traditional speed flying descent.

Would you dare to ever attempt a stunt like this? Watch as Marek Skowron casually eats a banana while pulling off a base jump in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Take a look!