9 years ago

Snuggly Alpaca Is Best Friends With Friendly Cats

When another animal grows up with a cat, sometimes it’s interesting the way they can take after the feline kind. When cats share their affections, they can lure animals in and get them right in the palm of their hand or should we say the paw. This alpaca was raised in a family with cats and even bottle-fed by humans because her mother was unable to. Lacey, the alpaca baby, was born late in the year, in the winter, in her home of Alberta, Canada.

For anyone who knows anything about winters in Canada, the weather can reach extremely cold temperatures. Lacey’s family didn’t want her to suffer so instead of sleeping outside in the brutally cold weather, they allowed her to sleep indoors by the stove.

Quickly, little Lacey bonded with the house cats, and as she grew, she started to get used to them and now she loves them to that extent that they nap together, play together and hang out together! They have all became the best of friends.

This video is the perfect example of them cuddling together on the deck making for the world’s warmest pile of fuzz. This fluffy alpaca is adorable, docile and soft. It is a very social creature, gentle and curious and now she has become a great pet taking after the cats.

Alpacas are both prized as pets and as cattle around the world. There are no wild alpacas to be found. Herds often include animals of different species or taxonomic families, such as llamas, goats and sheep.

This alpaca and her cat friends are truly inseparable. Watch them snuggle in this lovely clip and you would want to adopt one too!

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