8 years ago

Funny Dog Has A Fight With Vacuum Cleaner For Territory

Does your dog bark at everything? Even at some funny small things like butterflies and shadows? If your dog does that, then your dog is protective of his and your territory. Selective breeding has produced many breeds with particularly strong territorial traits, such as flock guardians, that take the job of protecting their territory very seriously. Barking is one type of vocal communication that dogs use, and it can mean different things depending on the situation. But, sometimes they just want to show off and notify anyone or anything who is the boss. This funny little Beagle wants to show the vacuum cleaner that he is the boss, especially in the living room!

Now, this is a true battle for living room dominance! The family beagle takes on a Robo vacuum! He just can’t stand the thought of the vacuum cleaner invading his space! He tries to bark it off, and push the vacuum out of the living room, but nothing seems to work! Intruder! Intruder! We don’t talk doggy language but we are sure that his bark says exactly that! Do they have some unresolved issues with the vacuum cleaner? Or he just doesn’t trust him?

Our dogs are the reason why we wake up in the morning. Really early. Every single morning! Because they can seem to stop barking! Evey time. All the time! But, they still deserve our unconditional love and love is a four-legged word!

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