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Published: February 23, 2014

The most comprehensive Battlefield 4 guide you'll find for single-player, multiplayer, and co-op; complete with tips, tricks, strategies, guides, videos, and more which you won't find anywhere else.
- The hottest inside secrets to becoming not just a good player, but the greatest player you can possibly be. We'll show you how you can boost your K/D ratio to 3.5+ in just a matter of days!
- Ongoing support for Battlefield 4, meaning it will be continuously updated with the latest info as well as all you will ever need to know, and more, about future DLC's and expansions.
The best tips and tricks to help you beat all 10 maps and dominate in multiplayer, regardless of your skill level!
In-depth look at the brand new customization options for your soldier, as well as the revamped skills system. Want to be a crazy fast female soldier wielding only a knife? We got you covered.
Beginner's Battlefield 4 guide to the series and what to expect when you jump into your first online match, including new game modes like the crazy twitch-fest that is Obliteration.
Detailed visual walkthroughs of all 10 maps, so you know where the tightest checkpoints, best sniping spots, and most hidden camping locations are. (If that's your thing)
All the best kept secrets, Easter eggs, and more that you won't find anywhere else, and where/how to find them.
Weapons guide, so you know what weapons best suit your play-style and, of course, all the juicy details/tips on how to most effectively utilize the brand new Elite class rifle.
Leveling guide, so you can be the very first of your friends to get every rank and all the unlocks you'll gain along the way. We'll also show you how you can improve your K/D ratio to at least 3.5+ instantly with our hidden methods!

The best Battlefield 4 guide you'll find anywhere for Battlefield's new system called Commander Mode and Levolution. With this guide you can discover the secrets, tricks in unlocking the various Levolution changes in maps, that will set you apart from normal players of the game and allow you to dominate on the server!

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