3-Year-Old Russian Girl Is A Rising Figure Skating Star

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Published: February 17, 2014

Figure skating is one of Russia's favorite sports, and it was first introduced to the Olympics in 1908. There are four disciplines (for the Olympics), but also two non-Olympic disciplines. The rising stars usually start practicing at a very early age, some even as early as three years old! Yup, at only 3 years old, when most of us still trip on a straight road, the little skaters learn how to graciously coordinate their movements on the ice.

The little girl in this video is one of those early rising stars, and at the age of three she can swirl like a professional ice skater! Her future is bright, and by the looks of her technique, she will grow up to be one of the best in Russia, and maybe even the world.

The most interesting part about this little girl's talent is that she actually started ice skating when she was 1 year old! How amazing is that?

We're sure that soon enough she will master all the moves and become the next ice skating legend. It's not hard to imagine how better she's gonna get if she's this good at a very early age. Talking about an amazing talent!

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