Lucky Stuntman Performs A Bold Parkour Jump

Published January 21, 2014 40 Plays

Rumble / Stunts & DaredevilsThe clip shows a lad making a huge jump using his free running skills. This free-run parkour jump lands 'Croc Ennis' in an unpleasant situation! He ended up being okay though! He doesn’t even take a few seconds to survey the distance and the height before the actual jump. Being on the other side of the street, he is totally focused on the dangerous task he is about to perform without thinking about its consequences. Though we may get the impression that the height and the distance he needs to cover, are not that demanding, this daredevil proves us wrong.

Ready to pounce like a jungle animal, he is warming up on the other side of the street. Without thinking much, he just zooms off and the next moment we see him smashing on what it seems a low metal roof of some building. The jump looks painful since he crashes into the building in full force, similar to the movement when we swat an annoying fly on the wall. The first though it comes to our minds is that the parkour jump hurt him badly and that he is in a lot of pain. However, in no time he manages to glue himself off the building and falls down in the water. Luckily, this stuntman got away lightly without a scratch and he was fortunate enough not to end up in the nearest hospital.

Next time he performs a highly risky jump like this one, he may reconsider his decision and stay on the safe side. But if he is an adrenaline seeker, then that is out of question since extreme manoeuvres are what fuel the lives of these type of people. This <a href="" target="_blank">daredevil</a> plummets through the air in no more than two seconds before he reaches the other end of the street facing a wide chasm underneath him. And for one brief moment it looks like he might gets smacked into it. This intense footage makes our knees weak. How on earth did he pull that off?! This kiddo was really lucky because in a split second, things might have gone wrong. Extreme jumping of any kind is an extremely dangerous activity because a slight misstep could end in tragedy.

When it comes to stunning jumps, take a look at the following video. In this incredible point-of-view clip we enjoy a high-flying <a href="" target="_blank">base jump</a> adventure made from Kuala Lumpur tower. Slacklife TV's Sketchy Andy Lewis taking on a huge base jump from the well-known tower in Kuala Lumpur making for a stunning jump from a stunning landmark. A breathtaking video has emerged showing the famous base jumper throwing himself from the top of a skyscraper and landing perfectly on the ground. Daredevil Andy Lewis recorded the stunt with a GoPro camera attached to his helmet, as he jumped from the top of Malaysia's 1100 feet high Kuala Lumpur Tower.The breathtaking video shows base jumper Andy Lewis walking on the edge of the famous skyscraper with the stunning city visible below him. Watch this heart-stopping stunt as this man leaps from the tower and falls down towards the city below, perfectly maneuvering his parachute towards the sidewalk.