Orangutan Clearly Shows He Wants More Treats

Published December 31, 2013 93,623 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAnimals are surprising creatures in the way they react to people. Especially when it comes to them acting in a human way. A viral video has emerged showing the interaction between tourists and an orangutan. The video is taken at a zoo in Bali showing an adorable orangutan sticking out his hand and demanding a few treats.

It all starts with a visitor leaning over the barrier at a zoo trying to feed the animals. We have all been to the zoo and we know the feeling when we see the animal we like the best and we just want to give them some food. But not all animals are the same. While some will be happy with a handful of whatever we give them, others can’t get enough. That is exactly what the orangutan in this video does.

After being fed by the visitors, we see this primate standing on the verge of the river wanting for more and he doesn’t have an intention to give up. Though he finds himself stuck on the opposite side of the river, his watchful eye won’t leave the visitors go just like that without being given more of whatever they had given him. Being a primate, it is not a debate whether he is going to get what he wants - it is just a matter of time. He clearly shows that he is not a mere plaything at the zoo and he doesn’t only stand there so that visitors can take picture of him but he wants something in return. He clearly shows his dissatisfaction and restlessness when he starts throwing rocks at the people because he has a message to convey. His hilarious act is what makes him even much cuter.

Animals are indeed amazing creatures!

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