Fastest Dish Washer on Earth?

letmeshowyou520Published: December 4, 2013Updated: December 5, 2013156,575 views
Published: December 4, 2013Updated: December 5, 2013

This is a video that takes place in the kitchen of some restaurant. This video shows one of the kitchen workers doing he's regular thing. You can see that this guy has been doing the same job for quite a while now. get one of this guy to help out around the house and you will never have to get a dishwasher.

He has a large stack of plates that was built probably throughout the night. He starts washing the dishes one by one by scrubing them down with soup and a spounge and sliding them into the sink.
The speed of this guys hands is incredible!

Watch this dishwasher clean 50 plates in only 10 seconds. Think you could top that?

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      Emcha · 1 year ago

      Those aren't reflexes, wrong title, and now I understand why so many times the dishes at a restaurant are still dirty....

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      bluedaisy · 1 year ago

      hoe clean are they really