Winter London Film & Comic Con - Oct 2013 - ESCAPADE Cosplay Music Video

EscapadeFancyDress Published November 27, 2013

Rumble In October 2013, Escapade tooled up and became part of London's premier Comic & Cosplay event - The London Film Comic Con..

And why not? After all, what better opportunity to join some like-minded people and serve as one of the best stocked pit stops there on the day - even the most prepared of cosplay enthusiasts found themselves dropping by our stall to check out our collection of insane contact lenses and garish accessories.

Some credit must be given to those brave enough to tackle Escapade's CEO dressed as our very own Nightstalker (towering well over 7 foot high), he's scary enough without it! Perhaps the most noteworthy if his opponents on the day was Walter Emanuel Jones - the original Black Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

If you were there on the day and have managed to find yourself in our footage, please fee free to re-post it anywhere you like!

Check out more pictures from the day on our Comic Con page: