ESCAPADE - In store scar special FX

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Published: November 27, 2013

Barman extraordinaire Chase Dore dropped by our Camden HQ in mid-August to see what we could do to make his Escapade outfit EXTRA special...

Mitchells & Butlers organised a charity event to raise funds for a disabled children's hospice, aiming to raise £30,000, by putting on a fancy dress competition for each event that various pubs & bar staff could compete in. Chase decided to have a go at being a surgical patient complete with hospital slacks bought from our store.

As our special effects specialist, Escapade's Skye managed to create some truly gory & realistic scarification prosthetics using materials currently on sale at our shop in Camden Town, including:

- Derma Wax
- Film Blood B
- Black Greasepaint
- Sponges
- Make Up Brushes
- Liquid Latex
- Water Make Up (Pure)

Fancy making your outfit truly outstanding? Feel free to drop by our Camden premises and have a word with our experts on-site!

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