Breast Augmentation Columbus Ohio

DarrickConnollyPublished: November 22, 20131 views
Published: November 22, 2013

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Hi, my name is Christine Sullivan. I'm a plastic surgeon in Columbus Ohio and I'm here to report an article that I saw in the American Society of Plastic Surgery which is one of the known medical journals for the plastic surgeons here in the United States.
What it commented on was the satisfaction rate for women who undergo breast augmentation. Very interesting to say that showed that there is a 98% satisfaction rate for women who undergo breast augmentation.

What they did is they asked questions postoperatively anywhere from one month post op to five years post op. They also saw that they had increased self-esteem at about 92% as well as an improved quality of life.
This is a very good study to show that if you are the right patient and that's very important to be interviewed to make sure you are doing the surgery for the right reason that women are very very satisfied with breast augmentation procedures.

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