Euro Asian Bistro

jared13wesleyPublished: November 13, 2013136 views
Published: November 13, 2013

A unique place we found while looking for a good place to eat is the “Euro Asian Bistro” offering an alternative to Eastern cuisine fans. If you're in New York, especially Port Chester, this place is the one to visit in order to have a good time by yourself or with friends and family. Being a bistro indeed, this area have outside tables giving a unique atmosphere to the whole establishment. The outdoor area is very romantic and along with the food has drawn a significant number of regular clients. Their plates follow a specific approach with regards to both aesthetics and taste boosting their popularity in the area. Simplicity is the key here for tradition is properly combined with the modern creating a tasty result. Dishes from China, Tai and Japan can be found here you start with their authentic tastes in addition to new variation of more modern versions. All recipes, modern and conventional alike, use fresh ingredients and are prepared with much delicacy and tenderness. Its reputation grows as time goes by showing their choices regarding food quality are the best one. The bistro stay open nearly all day so as to serve to all their regular and new customers. The outdoor tables are ideal for a little rest for the pedestals passing by wanting to try something. Customers are free to make reservations, especially if they intend to visit the bistro in groups. It's a characteristic of the “Euro Asian Bistro” to offer all that is possible to its visitors. Like a modern restaurant it also present its clients with a high standard delivery and catering service system. In such a sophisticated yet family friendly environment it's certain that everybody will find exactly what they're looking for.

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