Rare Ball Lightning Caught on Camera

chiltepinPublished: November 6, 2013Updated: November 13, 2013325,493 views
Published: November 6, 2013Updated: November 13, 2013

Ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon, have you seen something like it before?

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      bouledoux · 17 weeks ago

      When I was a little kid growing up in Orlando, Florida, a ball of electricity ran down a power line into my bedroom and right between the legs of my Dad who was dressing me to go next door to ride out the storm. My Mother saw it and screamed. It did not harm anyone. I was many many years later working on a microwave transmitter inside of one of our telephone offices during a lightning storm and the guys in the office said a ball ran down the cable rack toward the bay I was working on and it popped loudly inside of the shelf I had my hand in. No pain, no shock, just scared the Hell out of me because I thought I had shorted high voltage somehow with the tool I was adjusting something with.

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      skdaddle · 13 weeks ago

      As a young boy, I witnessed a ball of lightning in Bellmead,Texas while sitting on my Grandmother's front porch one evening during a summer storm. Lightning hit a transformer down the street from her house and a large glowing ball of fire danced down the electrical wires towards us, jumping to the ground in her yard and then continuing on down her street disappearing out of sight. It was a frightful experience, one that impressed respect for the power of lightning on me at an early age. The initial boom from the strike when it hit the power pole still haunts me to this day.

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        uncleT · 11 weeks ago

        That's weird... when was that skdaddle... While sitting on the hood of my car with a buddy...in Woodway Texas (just down the road from Bellmead), we saw several ball lightenings flow over our heads. This was probably in 1976/1977.