Realistic Paranormal Activity Prank Gives Guy Panic Attack

10 years ago

A funny footage has emerged of a guy trying to pull a scary prank on his friend for the upcoming Halloween celebration. Namely, this guy decides to pull a paranormal activity prank on his friend in the spirit of Halloween! Needless to say, the unsuspecting friend got a little freaked out!

Jonny set up cameras to record the entire <a href="" target="_blank">prank</a> on camera and arranged for someone to move things around in the apartment in order to make it look like something paranormal is going on inside. The prankster made up an excuse to step out of the apartment for a few minutes, leaving Adrian alone in the apartment for the show to take place!

Footage shows Adrian sitting on a chair, browsing on his mobile phone when the scenario starts rolling. First, we see the hanging ceiling light in the kitchen slightly rocking from one side to another, as if someone moved it! At first, Adrian is ignoring the light and doesn’t get too scared, but when the broom falls down out of no apparent reason, the lad starts to get a little bit worried!

Gazing towards the kitchen, Adrian stands up and starts looking around the apartment, trying to figure out what is going on. Moments later, he really gets scared and starts to freak out when plastic cups fall to the ground out of nowhere, causing the guy to curse!

Many ghost hunters capture scary ghost videos and <a href="" target="_blank">paranormal activity</a> in different haunted houses. These ghost caught on camera videos might be scary and spooky for viewers, make you want to jump and scream. Hadn’t we known that this was a prank set up, we would have reacted the same way he did! Poor guy, let’s hope he didn’t wet his pants!

Credit goes to Public Prank

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