Flying Creature That Looks Like A Dragon Flies Over England

Published October 16, 2013 1,453 Plays

Rumble / Supernatural & ParanormalFor anyone to believe in such conspiracies as dragons they must be very certain of their existence, better yet to have seen one. Here it seems like another fine cludy day in England when a jolly person has happen to carry a camera and film something very very unusual.

People can sometimes, if lucky enough can find them self at the right spot just at the right time. Like this fella in this video, he has happened to be walking down the street on a very regular day and spot something really 'mysterious' in the sky. What else to do but take out your phone and film this spectacular scenery.

If you happen to be a skeptic and not believe in such out of this world creatures, you might want to think again. As this guy claims he has seen and even caught a dragon flying ove his home cuty in broad day light. This situations don't happen very often so here is you chance to see it for you self.

Some might say it's photo shop and some might even have known for long that such things exist. Ether way, we will leave it to you to decide and share your thoughts in the comments. For anyone who doesn't believe dragons exist, think again! Spotted in Truro, England.


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    well done!! ... Ya'l had me excited for a moment there!!

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