Tiny Puppy Accepts Challenge From A Crab

shurochka55Published: October 10, 201343,680 views
Published: October 10, 2013

Who said bull terriers can be aggressive dogs? Just look at this bull terrier puppy faced against the greatest of opponents - a little crab. How does he take it? One must say, very playfully and joyfully. This adorable footage was randomly filmed on the streets in Bagaces, Costa Rica.

Rather than a fight, what we see in this video is more of a play between the puppy and the crab. Curiosity is written all over the face of the little bull terrier. What on Earth is this little, eight-legged creature in front of him? Coming closer, going back. And just look at this crab – although ten times smaller than the dog, the critter seems prepared to take him down. He leans on his hind legs and with his body upright, the tiny crab is ready for any attacker.

Have you ever seen such a play before? Surprisingly, even the red crab is intrigued by his new friend and slowly retreats as the bull terrier jumps in its proximity, avoiding to touch its spiky, scarlet claws. And the cute puppy can't resist investigating it, risking a pinch on the nose.

Fortunately, they are both goodnatured animals, and no damage was done to either of them. So, what we see in front of us is a dance of some unusual dancing partners.

We all like unusual animal friendships, but this animal standoff is exceptional. In the end, we can’t tell if these two fellows are preparing for a fight or a dance-off. We’d go with the latter!

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