How Do I Keep My Dog Off My Garden

TheDogLinePublished: October 3, 2013121 views
Published: October 3, 2013

Annette sent in a plan of her garden and wanted to see if we could keep her dog off the gardens - But... allow him up the stairs at the top of the garden. How can we do this?

The electric dog fence wire is run through the garden bed to formed a "U" shape with the distance of approximately 30cm away from the side of garden which the only distance the dog can close. While there is a neutralized area in the middle of the two wire, which is the only way for a dog can pass through. You can neutralized the system if the two wires are move closer or touch each other.

However, this strategy is not applicable for big property and some of situations. It needed to install new dog fence system because there are a cases that the signal will block and expand out of the wire. That is the reason why some dog fence correcting dog at the wrong area and the worst scenario is, the transmitter may burn out. Always keep this in mind.

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