Drone footage shows beautiful views of farmers hard at work

Published June 18, 2021 2,678 Views $0.45 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsThe world is a beautiful enough place from ground level, but it is simply breath taking from above. The landscape looks surprisingly different and the colours are more spectacular from a bird's eye perspective.

These farmers have been working the land and growing food here for generations. They have an appreciation for how gorgeous the meadows are and how lush and green the rolling hills look from their wrap-around porch high on the hillside, but they rarely see the property from above. A neighbour with a drone decided that they should get a chance to see it from the sky. While they were cutting and baling hay, this videographer captured video of the scene. He flew over the cows and the ponds, around the forested area, and then out and over the hayfields where they were cutting. With the drone following the machines, he even captured some closer looks at what goes on in the typical day of a farmer. Their days start early and they run until the the daylight stops. Few jobs are as demanding or as honourable as farming. It is hardworking people like these who put food on the tables of families around the world.

This is an ethical beef farm and the herd wanders freely over a vast expanse of lush pasture. The farmers consider herd health to be a priority over profit and they treat their animals very well. The cows have responded to this kindness, and they welcome a scratch behind the ear or a rub on the head. The farmers find it very easy to handle the calves for treatments and health care since the mothers have learned to trust them.

The next time you see a farmer, feel free to thank them for their hard work and their dedication. Our food doesn't get to our tables without a farmer somewhere putting in the long hours to make it possible.