MI SOS Benson Refuses To Sign For THOUSANDS of Affidavits Demanding A Forensic Audit of Nov Election

Published June 17, 2021 257,475 Views

MI Republican Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo delivered THOUSANDS of signed affidavits to SOS Jocelyn Benson's office on June 17th. When Karama arrived at the SOS office, she was greeted with two signs on the door informing anyone who wants to enter, that they must have a PHOTO ID. SOS Benson is currently fighting to eliminate the need for voters to provide a valid photo ID to vote, but you cannot enter the building where she works without a valid photo ID???
Michigan's dishonest SOS Jocelyn Benson's office REFUSED to sign for the affidavits from MI citizens and would only allow a rubber stamp to be added to the receipt showing that the thousands of affidavits were accepted by her office.

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