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Rumble Did Yahweh begin to rest at the year 6000 (2000) (being the start of the 7th Day of 1000 years?)when I saw the vision of the Scrolling back of the Universe? And was He resting in 2001 possibly the First 4 Seals Broke on 9/11? Is He resting now as the world He created will be destroyed making a way for His New Heaven and New Earth and the 1000 year Rest? What is He doing now? Is He still CREATING?
Just my thoughts of LOOKING UPWARD and LONGING for the KINGDOM of God trusting JESUS the Good SHEPHERD who will see us home.

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Sid Roth Interview - Testimony

Are we in the Last Week of Daniel? - starting in 2017
Although 'No man knows the DAY nor the HOUR of His coming… Can we calculate the Year? or the Month?

The Last Week of Daniel, (Last Seven Years), I believe started at the Feast of Sukkot 2017 right after the Great Revelation 12:1 Sign which appeared on September 23, 2017. (We are in the corrected Hebrew Calendar Year 6021.)

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For Preparing for your ARK

It's Later than we THINK! Jesus came quietly. He died alone.
How to recognize His Second Coming and Be Prepared. If His Own people Israel MISSED His First Coming, and His disciples DID NOT understand his Death on the Cross until later on… most of Main Stream Christianity will miss the signs of the Second Coming.

The Parable of the Fig Tree (Israel),
Matthew 24:32-34 brings us to 2017/2018
32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree;…
34 Verily I say unto you, THIS generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
Israel's rebirth which occurred in 1948, the treaty signed in 1947
He said that the generation which witnesses this come to pass would be the last generation before His return…
A Generation in the bible is 70 years. It's been exactly 70 years as of this year (2018) since the rebirth of Israel in 1948. So therefore, this prophecy, without any doubt in my mind, points to this generation as being the one which will see the return of our Messiah Jesus.

When Jesus came as a baby, only His parents, a few relatives, a few wise men following the stars in the Heaven, and a few shepherds knew.

When He got up on the first day of His Ministry in the Temple to announce He was their MESSIAH, His Own People THREW Him out of the Synagogue.

When He told His disciples He was to die and in 3 days be raised, Not One of them understood that HE was to ACTUALLY DIE on the CROSS.

When He ROSE AGAIN, He showed Himself to only a FEW WOMEN, then to others, but only to THOSE who believed. Herod, Pontius Pilate, etc, no one else saw HIM. Messiah is coming again, and many people will miss it until the end.

When He comes again, I believe He will come much the same. ONLY those truly HUMBLE and OPEN and WATCHING will be prepared for the way in which He orchestrates the LAST SEVEN.

I believe—-ONLY at the very END when He comes on the clouds, perhaps sometime in the Fall of 2024, when He stands on the MOUNT OF OLIVES, does HE MAKE A SHOW.

If you don’t know Jesus. Call to Him and ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and you will be saved. John 3:16

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