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Ballot Tampering In WA State 2020

This video reveals a livestream recording of an election worker in Whatcom County apparently crossing out and altering votes. (Sorry about the bad focus in some parts.)

For more info and to sign up for alerts and to help us get an audit, go to www.weicu.org

To protect your ballot from tampering I recommend the following: Fill in and draw a line through every vote alternate to the vote you are actually filling in and casting. The reason it should be filled in and then crossed out is because extra marks on a ballot can invalidate it. If the vote is only crossed out, that can give them an excuse to call it an "extra mark" and invalidate the whole ballot.

SEE BALLOT SERIALIZATION BILL HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-cg0arWkjrVaw_x0oh8nVVwYTMLqj1bH/view?usp=sharing

After looking at this through a slightly bigger microscope there are some possibly exculpatory details.

First, see the Whatcom Auditor's "debunking" page here: https://www.whatcomcounty.us/3731/Integrity-and-Transparency

While it appears very much that a straight line is being drawn through a vote, the level of obscurity is such that the writing of numbers could appear like that. The location of the marking really doesn't look like the bottom center but that's not completely impossible either.

The pen the worker is holding does not appear green, it appears an indeterminate dark color, while by contrast another worker's pen is clearly green. But that worker is much closer to the camera which could account for it.

As the worker flips over ballots, no green numbers are visible on the bottom center. But in one frame grab a barely-visible dark smudge does appear. Given the obscurity level it could be numbers.

So while I previously considered this proof of tampering, I'm downgrading it to suspicious and still warranting of examination of the full-resolution video and audit of ballot images at the least for tampering. The full raw video still shows a lot of other workers marking ballots too. Now we'll see if the auditor is willing to give up the full resolution video or ballot images. If not that will tell us a lot.

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