Sexualized Propaganda In Products Aimed At 8-year-olds Isn’t Edgy, It’s Gross.

Published June 15, 2021 8,619 Views

Comic books, corporations, computer games, and Cruella de Ville. What do they all have in common? They are taking Pride Month from a naked and debaucherous parade in coastal cities, to an industry targeting children in their shows, schools and libraries.

June is the feast month for the chief of all cardinal sins, and is this week's topic for The Federalist's Christopher Bedford and his guest, The American Conservative's Dr. Shaun Rieley. The two discuss what the American rulers don't want you to hear: that all human beings have inherent dignity, the education system is in steep decline, and that children have been failed by a society that celebrates its own pride and worships the gods of its own imagination.

Join the Culture War with The Federalist's Christopher Bedford as he exposes the forces behind this decline in social decency and human dignity, and the actual rainbow of hope that lies ahead for those who wish to chase virtue.

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