End the Mad Cow Confusion About "We, the People" June 13, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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End the Mad Cow Confusion About "We, the People" June 13, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's end the confusion about who "We, the People" are--- once and for all?
There have always been "people" and "People" in this country.
The "people" refers to the General Populace, meaning everyone who lives here; the "People" refers to State Citizens, those who act as Deputies of the "people" in each State to conduct the business affairs of each State, and who are charged to act as Fiduciary Deputies for their State of the Union.
In a free country we all have a choice to make. We can live our lives as one of the people with a small "p", in what we call a State National status, and owe no duty to the State Government beyond keeping the peace, or, we can step up and shoulder the responsibilities of self-governance at the State level and serve as State Citizens and make decisions as Fiduciary Deputies of the State Government.
This is why it says "We, the People" are setting up the constitutional agreements and committing the State Governments to perform their part, and not "We, the people".
The People are the State-level Fiduciary Deputies of the States of the Union, the Principals enabled to commit the States to a course of action, and there are no others lawfully empowered to do so.
So, the People, the Fiduciary Deputies of the States, operating as State Citizens, are the only ones who are Parties to the Federal Constitutions and they, operating via their instrumentality, our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America, are the only ones with the lawful and legal capacity to enforce the Federal Constitutions.
It's precisely because our States of the Union have not been in Session for decades and our State Citizens have not been identified and active, that the Federal Constitutions have been disrespected and evaded by the other Principals--- the British Monarch, the Popes, and the Lord Mayor of London.
They openly claimed that we were "absent", "in interregnum", "missing, lost at sea" and so on.
To be fair, we gave them some cause to think this, because we did not qualify our people as Americans after the Second World War, didn't summon our State Assemblies into Session, and let most of our court functions lapse.
Encouraged to think that they could get away with it by our inaction, the other Principals scurried around behind our backs, registered each one of us as bastard children abandoned on a "battlefield", and also as wards of their respective foreign governments---- attempting to claim us as property belonging to their commercial enterprises and using us and our assets as collateral for their debts.
THAT, my friends, is what has gone on here. They have preyed upon the ignorant for so long and with such success, that they have grown arrogant and ignorant themselves. At the lowest levels of their administration the drudges responsible can no longer tell who is an employee and who is an employer.

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