Vials & Thugs & Spies, Oh My!

3 years ago

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In this video I show you a potentially HUGE discovery about a man who smuggled 22 vials of biological material out of a Level 4 Canadian lab back in 2009... and how that same lab was involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the year leading up to the COVID19 'pandemic.'

Video Yao Smuggling Ebola:

REUTERS Yao Ebola 2009:
Lab Didn’t Tell Police Vials Stolen:
Yao Fined $500 Time served CBC:
Bio Dr. Michel Yao, WADEM:

Nature Mag, Yao from Cote D’Ivoire:

Who Train Leadership Emergency Reponse, Yao:

WHO photo gallery:

AP Investigation into Sex for Jobs, Congo:

Why the WHO Faked a Pandemic:

Wodarg, 2009 Pandemic is False:

Mercola: WHO changed definition of Herd Immunity:

CBC Lab Severs Ties with Researchers July 2019:

Wake Up Call – Chinese Scientists might have been spies:

Microbiology Lab toxic work env, CBC:

Gilmour Quits for UK job:

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