#7 The Order of YHWH - Eden to Zion Series

Published June 14, 2021 7 Views

Rumble God is King of His universal cosmic kingdom (e.g. 1 Chron. 29:11; Psalm 24:1; Deut. 10:14). In today’s western culture, it can be popular to push back from an any notion of hierarchy and even authority. The universe of which God is King however has a divine order, which made up of a perfect universal law, freedoms and constraints, missions, and ultimately is governed by a heavenly throne.

Before turning to chapter 3 of Genesis, we’re going to look at three main facets of the biblical worldview. First God himself – his nature; his attributes; how he’s described; the trinity; – what we call Theology Proper. Secondly, we’ll turn to the order of the field, the canvas of all things – the dwelling place of God; how is the throne room in heaven described; a biblical view of the order of nature; the where, what, why of sheol, hades, and the lake fire (we tend to bundle together as hell); and how God interacts with his creation. Then lastly, we’ll look at the Order of the players – looking at angelology; the order of mankind; and lastly animals and plants, and the hierarchy and ordained order between them all.

So: The order of God, the order of the field of play, the order of the players. We’ll broach these topics in two, possible three sessions, and then we’ll continue ploughing through the narrative. But it’s a good idea to firm up the pillars of our worldview – who is it that we worship and is in control, what is the field of play we are part of, and how should we interact with the master controller and his players.

If you’re new here, welcome, we’re in a series working our way through the grand narrative of the bible, investing time and thought in developing a biblical worldview as we go – hence the worldview language of controller, field, players.