Richard Spencer Interview 3 - 21 - 18

3 years ago
82 * What is the current direction of the alt right?
* You mentioned the alt right is at each other's throats. What's going on? W Identity Europa? TRS?
* In your interview with Israeli TV, you mentioned, "I made mistakes recently."
* What strikes me when you are interviewed or just on a podcast or giving a speech, is that you rarely take the easy way out... Many people are glib but few people are deep.
* what is william regnery's role with the Alt Right?
* Is the alt right fundraising going up?
* If whites have agency, then the JQ is not that big. White problems are primarily the problems of whites.
* Did greg conte do anything wrong at MSU?
* How did the TWP come to be your muscle at MSU?
* I suspect a lot of people on the AR desperately want your approval and if they don't get enough of it, they hate you.
* Do you think Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy?

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