Reading Comic Books: Real War Stories #2, Eclipse Comics, 1991 [See Timestamps, ASMR, Historical]

2 years ago

- Introduction to this Reading & Eclipse Comics (0:32-10:25)
- Additional Discussion (10:25-21:08)
- Description of this Comic (21:09)
- Reading Begins, Look at the Front Cover & Intro (23:00)
- Back Cover (28:12)
- Fine Print (31:05)
- What is Citizen Soldier & Editor's Notes, Back of Front Cover (34:00)
- Begin Flipping Through the Comic (41:55)
- First Story Highlight: Bill Sienkiewicz Panels: Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan & Bush (42:23-44:31)
- Read Second Story: "War Is A Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler, Joyce Brabner & Wayne Van Sant (45:33-1:06:50)
- Read Third Story: "Citizen Soldier" by Kim Yale & Dean Motter (1:14:42-1:30:36)
- Flipping Through the Rest of the Comic and Open Discussion (1:30:49)
- Eclipse Trading Cards (1:41:00-1:44:06)
- Back to Live Stream (1:45:30)
- Description of Agent Orange & Plan Colombia (1:46:33)
- chycho Environmental Geophysics Story Regrading Finding Contamination at a Decommissioned U.S. Military Base in Canada (1:49:30-1:53:16)
- Further Discussion (1:53:17)
- How to Stay Motivated (1:59:06)

VIDEO: War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler [Full Reading, Soft-Spoken, ASMR Audio Book, Math]

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READ THE BOOK: "War Is A Racket" ny Major General Smedley Butler

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