Sam Cooper Talks Fentanyl, CCP Infiltration, & Communist China's PPE Buyback Scheme [CLIP]

Published June 13, 2021 977 Views

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In Canada, transnational criminals are exploiting government casinos to import deadly narcotics into Canada. And they’re laundering billions of dollars into real estate in Vancouver, the most expensive housing market in all of North America.

Behind all this crime are hidden links to China’s Communist Party.

This is detailed in a new book by investigative journalist Sam Cooper, titled “Wilful Blindness: How a Criminal Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West.” It is the result of ten years of research and reporting.

In this episode, Sam Cooper reveals what he discovered.

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Sam Cooper Talks Fentanyl, CCP Infiltration, and Communist China's PPE Buyback Scheme [CLIP]

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