President Piñera: "Machines will be able to insert thoughts and feelings through 5G"

2 years ago

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5G + vaccines with graphene oxide = transhumanism
Machines will be able to control people.

"The start of the bidding process for the 5G network. Let's listen to the threats that we made in that community with the leaders of the world: it is the possibility that machines can read our thinking and can even insert thoughts, insert feelings. Well, some say the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Well, that's what we all aspire to. 5G is a tremendous leap forward, it's a cosmic leap, it's a Copernican leap, because really what 5G technology is going to mean is an even bigger change in our lives than all the previous technologies have built in this area.

I ask myself, how important is the beating heart to human survival? Vital! And do we worry about the beating heart? No. There is an intelligent system inside our body that makes multiple organs perform tremendously sophisticated functions, with perfect coordination. And very few decisions come to our consciousness. Most are made autonomously and intelligently by this nervous system. The same is going to happen with many other spheres of our lives thanks to this technology and an imperative whose urgency and importance does not require second readings is to modernize our state so that it is a change that reaches every home in our country."

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