Deep State Activists Strike Again!

Published June 11, 2021 122 Views

Rumble Woke activists working in the bowels of the Deep State leaked IRS tax filings of wealthy individuals to the media last week. What are we to make of this? With today's ALG Minute, I'm Catherine Mortensen. Republicans must realize that Democrats are no longer their only political foe. They face an equally potent and dangerous federal bureaucracy—committed to destroying GOP officials and propelling a liberal agenda. ProPublica - the recipient of the leaked documents - claims not to know who provided the confidential tax data of thousands of wealthy American citizens, many who paid little or no federal income taxes. The left-leaning media outlet acknowledges it ran its piece even though its source could have been a “state actor hostile to American interests” that hacked the private data. The more likely scenario is that a federal employee compiled the information, identified a media operation that could be relied on to disregard privacy rights and then dumped the data at a moment carefully timed to aid Joe Biden’s tax-hike agenda. For more check us out at the Daily

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