April 29th 2021 Live Stream David Straight Exposes BAR Corrupt Courts

2 years ago

David Straight a great man from the USA fights everyday to expose the massive fraud by BAR and their repugnant corrupt society that needs to be removed once and for all from our public courthouses and see to it a lawyer=liar never enter them again.

This is not a drill the people are fighting back powerfully and in our public courthouses now...
First Enemy.... the BAR [private society of parasites feeding off the peoples ignorance]

the BAR WAS EXPOSED ... The Parhar Court has exposed it all now....
Sekulvoski Court in Ontario is the other common law court nailing the BAR exposing it all for the people!

Once the 'Supreme Court Civil Rules... used in BC and the 'rules of civil procedure' used against the people in Ontario see and remove it from blocking truth and access to our public courthouse.... then look out.... no man is above the law and this is when every head of ever service corporation will be brought into a court and under oath are toast in 4 simple questions... it is in that moment we can stop all this evil and police and military can round up the people world wide who have committed massive genocide against mankind.... this is our moment if we can just take hold and bring truth forth.

The evil in this world is TERRIFIED the people will LEARN what you are about to hear.

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God Speed!

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