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Vanquishing the Democrat Marxist Evil: The Case Against Trump in 2024.

We begin our argument against Trump in 2024 with a citation to Sebastian Gorka’s recent article that Trump would do things differently, after Trump wins the 2024 election.
Gorka’s unstated premise is that Trump has learned valuable lessons about American politics that would cause him to modify his policies to correct the mistakes he made in his first term.
The flaw in Gorka’s unstated premise is that the American political reality has changed, permanently, and the characteristics of Trump’s leadership style have not changed to fit the emergence of the changed reality of Marxist Democrats.
The MAGA policies that worked in 2017 are not relevant for confronting the evils of the Marxist tyranny. Marxism is an evil, coherent, dangerous ideology that requires something more than ephemeral MAGA policies to vanquish.
MAGA is a set of superficial, temporary policy options. Trump is a pragmatist. His 2017 MAGA policies were aimed at fixing the American economy and limiting illegal immigration. His ephemeral policy victories were undone in the first 10 days of Biden’s illegitimate regime.
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