Weekly Update: The News the Liar Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

Published June 11, 2021 649 Views

Rumble Weekly Update: The News the Liar Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

Protests are escalating in multiple Chinese universities, specifically Nanjing Normal, as the Ministry of Education is 'downgrading' multiple private universities to vocational schools, reducing their rankings, a critical factor in Chinese education and hiring systems. As you would expect, the totalitarian Communist Chines Government is wasting no time cracking down on the protesters.

Senate Republicans, led by Josh Hawley MO, hold up vote on delay Biden personnel chief USOPM nominee Kiran Ahuja over support for #criticalracetheory

School boards everywhere are ignoring pleas of parents. Now, they're ignoring cries of students, too. Denver's School Board has failed to responsibly address serious allegations of sex assault on students by board's Tay Anderson, also a Black Lives Matter activist leader.

Tanner Cross, a Virginia elementary school teacher and ADF client who was suspended for raising concerns to the board about a proposed gender policy, has won a temporary injunction and the judge has ordered his reinstatement. A massive victory for freedom of speech.

The Vaccine Passport Train is at full speed in Europe. The European Union’s digital vaccine passport system went live in seven countries this week, ahead of a full launch for all 27 member states on July 1. The document, called a digital green certificate, shows whether someone has been fully vaccinated against covid-19, recovered from the virus, or tested negative within the last 72 hours. We must continue to make our government protect our rights. That is its core function. Do not accept vaccine passports or any other infringement on those rights.

Speaking of pandemic news, Dr Tony Fauci’s emails are out AND you should read them. They prove he approved funding to entities working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and that gain of function (bio warfare) research was done with our tax dollars. Of course, both Fauci and the director of NIH think its ok that the Communist Chinese Party and the Peoples Liberation Army are in control of that lab, where the China Virus leaked from in all probability. Because they worked with “good people”

The election integrity audit of the November 2020 election in Arizona continues and efforts to audit in more swing states of contention are moving forward in Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

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