Sovereignty-the only way to live the free life about which we dream?-Yvette Bronx-Sovereign Educator

Published June 11, 2021 6 Views

While many want to live a life free of coercion from outside sources, a life that is rooted in the fundamental right to liberty, many do not understand what it takes to achieve this goal. Some believe that to enter into a state of society, one must give up their individuality in order to appease the collective. Is this true?

Does a person give up their sovereignty when they participate in a society that is governed?

The first step in obtaining liberty is in understanding one’s role in the universe. It is in gaining a fundamental understanding of the laws of nature and the constraints of living within those absolute truths. It is important now more than ever because it seems that we are living in an upside-down world, with a society that no longer believes in absolute truths. There is a widespread belief that there is no difference between right and wrong and that everything is subjective. Falling away from the fundamental truths that are found in Natural Law has created a very chaotic society that is no longer governed by morality. Unless we, ourselves, learn our self-worth, the absolute truths that govern this world, and why what most of us are doing to fix the problem is actually making things worse, we will never obtain true liberty.

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