Promo Movie: Let Freedom Ring! Event 6/17/21

2 years ago

On June 17th, 2021, thousands of Patriots will once again road rally to the Michigan Capitol. This time, to deliver 1000's of affidavits to lawmakers in Lansing requesting a FORENSIC AUDIT of the 2020 Presidential Election. The event, LET FREEDOM RAIN, at the steps of the capitol, is hosted by Transformation Michigan and the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer. A peaceful rally of prayer and plea... in hopes that The People's request for answers, to what happened in Michigan in the earlier hours of Nov. 5th, 2020... are finally heard.
Speakers for this event: Pastor Rick Warzywak, Attorney Matt Deperno, Patrick Colbeck, Mellissa Corone, "Trucker Randy" Bishop, Gina Johnson, Kristina Karamo, Corey Shanleton, Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, Mark Gurley, Ron Armstrong, and more.

*Health Freedom UnMuzzled Productions hold no responsibility or liability for this event.

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