45+% declined Covid shots, next kids. Reexamine the ENTIRE vaccine schedule-Childrens Health Defense

2 years ago

With almost 50% of Adults declining Covid shots, Govt next is trying to inject our kids. Is it time to re-examine the ENTIRE vaccine schedule?-Mary Holland-General Counsel-Children’s Health Defense - childrenshealthdefense.org

With the govt threatening employment, access to shopping, travel and learning for Americans unwilling to participate in the Covid vaccine experiment, almost 50% of Americans are pushing back against the hysteria and declining the shots. But with the government now pushing children to join these trials, folks need to look at the entire schedule of childhood vaccines, not just for Covid.

These childhood shots are free, under insurance plans. But they are not as “safe and effective” as claimed in the media. A special court for vaccine injuries has paid $4 billion for harms, and new studies show over 1,000% more chronic disease among the vaccinated compared with those never injected. If the real epidemic isn’t covid but rather a chronic disease, how have our health agencies failed so badly to protect us?

At the nonprofit founded by legendary environmental toxins lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., , Ms. Holland worries children will suffer grievous injuries combining Covid shots for Fall Enrollment with the other school-based shots (for HPV, meningitis, DTaP, MMR, etc.). Health plans don’t charge for shots, but are they safe for you or your kid? 30% of parents already delay school shots. Maybe it’s time to raise that figure to 50% as well.

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