Inmates Escape Federal Prison

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Rumble Trouble in America’s prisons as guards abuse prisons in New York and inmates escape from federal prisons using dummies and body doubles. ​

🔵 New Jersey is closing its only women’s prison after rampant abuse by the guards. ​
🔵 Governor Phil Murphy announced the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Weapon is being closed. ​
🔵 Current inmates will be moved to different facilities after reports surface of serious abuse by guards within the prison. ​
🔵 BAD POPO: Ten correctional police officers face charges for misconduct: Lt. Eddie Molina, Sgt. Andraia Bridges, Ofc. Lisandro A. Garcia, Sgt. Amir E. Bethea, Sgt. Anthony J. Valvano, Sg.t Matthew D. Faschan, Senior Ofc. Jose Irizarry, Senior Ofc. Courey James, Senior Ofc. Gustavo Sarmiento Jr., Senior Ofc. Tara Wallace. ​
🔵 Four inmates escape from Beaumont, Texas federal prison after using dummies and body doubles to fool guards. ​
🔵 Office of the Inspector General issues new report entitled “Notification of Security Concerns” at Federal prisons and details what happened. ​
🔵 Michael Carvajal is the Bureau of Prisons chief, a hold over Trump appointee, who is responsible for security in federal prisons. ​
🔵 Review the Department of Justice report filed by Michael E. Horowitz, the Inspector General.​

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