Paris Hotel Room Review: Las Vegas

Published June 9, 2021 17 Views

Rumble Date of stay: Early June 2021. 4 Days. 2 Queen Bed Room, 4th Floor, Pool view.
Ratings: Room - very good, Clean, non-smoking. Bed: Comfortable, clean. Pillows: Down - go down fast, no support. Bathroom - very nice, large waterfall shower head, with separate spray handheld - marble/tile, enough for 2-3 people, seat in back of shower. Nice furnishings, updated, nice condition. Maid service: Good when they clean, they did not clean every day. When you request something from downstairs/housekeeping - it arrives quickly. Needed to request more towels. Room Service: Almost non-existent, and time frames on many things. Do not look for food past 10pm here in your room - do not look for many choices - likely due to Covid low staffing/just re-opening. Note: This hotel wants you to use virtual concierge service. You text to Ivy - I don't know if this is a real person, or if its AI. Most requests/info is met, but somethings are not easily handled via this method. Sometimes, calls take a long time to go through to a live person. Again - likely because with the re-opening, they likely need more staff, and the hotel was packed. Food is good here, but it is very pricey. Water in vending machine is $3, it is $5 per bottle anywhere downstairs. Candy bars are $4.50-$5. Food - 2 breakfast sandwiches were $30. Hamburgers start at $28 and go up from there if you want something on them. We found that the best food and prices were down the road a bit by the Linq High Roller - there is an outdoor alley on the lead up to the Ferris Wheel...many choices there. Lines were very long most of the time for the in/out choices at Paris - you can sit fairly fast at Cafe Americano - but the menu an be limited at times of day - and it is pricey. We liked it - and maybe a few months from now, when staff is hired back to full capacity - likely run a little smoother. Check out on line/phone...super easy and fast. Upon check in - use the Kiosk. Use driver's license - will spit out your room key. Way faster if several people are in line. Not all restaurants/Food places took the Caesar Rewards card, and were supposed to - so hit/miss on that. Catching a cab and Uber is easy right outside. Cabs were cheaper on the strip, vs Uber. If you are outside the strip - coming in - or outside strip going other places - Uber seems to be cheaper that way. A cab at the better hotels will be faster. If you are out a ways - like The Strat and Circus will have a wait for Cab service. They don't go out that far often. Note: Strat has a great view/things to do - but the area around it is a little shady. Do not venture walking at night, or by yourself, esp young girls. Cab it there and back. Main strip is pretty safe to walk about. Stay on main roads.