Release your shadows

2 years ago

Do you have the courage to look into the darkness?

When you think of the energy required to create a miracle, a breakthrough, we hear a lot of messages that say: make sure you remain positive and stay in a high vibe!

As If, when you put your attention on light more light happens,
And when you put your attention on the dark, more darkness happens.

I am here to tell you that It is really important to take a deep dive into the ‘dark places’, into the shadows that are foundationally running the show!

As a healer and coach, I help you peel back the layers of why things occur so you can change it and transform your life.

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you make a decision where you want something, or you want to make something happen, things start to bubble up for you?

Limiting thoughts, irritations, you get triggered, old memories suddenly surface, Thoughts of I am not worthy, I am fearful, I am a failure, why try? Etc etc

Shadow work will help you move through the biggest obstacles fast, so you suddenly have freedom and choices.

I am Grada Robertson, Founder, and CEO of the Purple House Wellness Centre and author of 'You are the Miracle. How being hit by a truck saved my life!'

I work with a new generation of conscious women and men, who want to have more impact, but struggle with pain, or are stuck in a holding pattern in their relationships with money.

I help people break through their limits, so they can reach new levels of success and abundance, through my Group Coaching Programs,
The Feminine Principals to Making Money, and in private consultations.

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