1 year ago

Iowa Moms Fight School Mask Tyranny, File Lawsuit, First to Receive General Flynn Award

The "Mama Bears From Iowa" have forced legislation to be signed in their state, thanks to their brave action.

Kimberly Reicks and Emily Peterson have successfully started tearing down overreaching tyrannical mandates for children in their state, filed lawsuits, forced legislation and will be the first to receive the General Michael Flynn 'Fearless Fighters for American Values Award".

When these "Mama Bears" learned of the abuse their young children were subjected to, they bagan speaking before the school board at every opportunity, demonstrating in front of the capitol building and making their voices heard.

Now, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a bill banning the requirement of masks for children in school, and the governor told Reicks and Peterson, "you did this, your efforts did this"

For more information on the Mama Bears, including their blueprint for success, visit: https://freedomoverfear.getccard.com/

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