I'm Buying My Son A Nose Job For His 20th Birthday | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

Published June 7, 2021 82 Views

Rumble A FAMILY in Los Angeles are planning to give their 20-year-old son, Rodrigo Iglesias, a nose job consultation for his birthday. The Iglesias family are well known for having an extraordinary lifestyle and are recognised in the plastic surgery community due to Marcela Iglesias, Rodrigo's mother, creating the ‘Plastics of Hollywood’. Rodrigo told Truly: “When the Plastics of Hollywood would come over, I thought it’d be cool to get at least some type of plastic surgery done.” However, Rodrigo’s two best friends have major concerns about him moving forward with any surgery... Marcela told Truly: “I get a lot of backlash because I’m supportive. People don't understand that when you have a son or a daughter, it's better to support them because what if he gets a nose job with somebody that we don't know, is not a really good doctor, I know all the best doctors in the hills. If he believes that that will make him feel better, more confident, why don't I support my own son? I support all the other plastic people."
Marcela Iglesias - https://www.instagram.com/marcelaiglesiashollywood/
Rodrigo Iglesias - https://www.instagram.com/rodrigoiglesias/
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