Live votes switched from Trump to Biden

Published June 6, 2021 202 Views


This is what Mike Lindell is talking about when he says that they captured the packets of data of 20 cyber attacks on the 2020 election resulting in a total of 555,864 votes switched from Trump to Biden.

Watch 19,958 votes switched from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania live on election night.

This means Trump lost 39,916 votes in a single switch.

These vote subtractions & vote switches are happening in the same databases that your Secretary of State (SOS) is using to tally the votes & the same databases that the media are using to broadcast the vote totals.

Hundreds of thousands of votes are being subtracted & switched all around the country.

Remember, voting is supposed to be an additive process - you count the votes - and add them up.

So why are so many votes being subtracted & switched❓

Mike Lindell is saying that they caught China and other nations hacking into the 2020 election making these subtractions & switches.

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