the devil works in not-so-mysterious ways

Published June 6, 2021 858 Views

Rumble my tummy is growling, my tummy is female
i wish my mind could growl at people
anorexia is not impressive
confidence w/ humility to back it up
"i'm the coolest motherfucker on the planet...but only by a little bit"
tupac hears me say the n-word in my head
psychic dart vest+strapped w/ Scripture
maybe i should offer the devil some of my mints
they don't get water in hell, we won't be nice
if i don't cry that's a weird ass day
my parents are boring-ass boomers, nice that they have frenz
the brain-washing of west. medicine
the community of john d rockefellar slutbags
doctors n nurses n pharmacists need little notecard reminders from me
the letter brigade...using the simple alphabet to indoctrinate people
you wanna make sure that yer kid turns into a serial killer
shout out to mr. theron, my fave homosexual
how do you explain that to yer kid
yes now i can talk all kindza shit about kroger
maybe karl marx wasn't wrong hahaha
pride month last year there was this gay-ass end cap
consequences for actions, guilt n shame
next time i will bring tupac n jesus, not in that order